Farmers’ Market Covid 19 Safety Rules

The San Carlos Farmers’ Market is committed to operating safely during this challenging time and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the  community.
 To help keep everyone safe and support social distancing,
we will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Space booths accordingly to meet physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet among patrons in line and walking about the market.
    • Customers must wear masks within the farmers market area or will be refused service.
    • Create entry/exit points that serve as crowd control.
    • Provide signage/cues indicating which way to walk inside of the market and placemarks at 6 feet intervals in line to ensure physical distancing is adhered to.
    • Ensure that physical distancing of 6 feet per person for non-family members is maintained. Family members can participate together (stand in line together, etc), but best practices encouraged families to limit the number of members who conduct essential activities, like shopping for groceries, away from the home.
    • Encourage expedited purchasing to avoid lingering to help minimize crowds within the market.
    • Limit the number of patrons in the market at any given time as necessary to reduce outdoor/indoor crowding and long lines that do not meet physical distancing guidance.
    • Post signs with COVID-19 safety and hygiene guidelines.
    • Offer additional hand washing or sanitizing stations.
    • Increase frequency of cleaning of tables, payment devices and other surfaces.
    • Increase cleaning and sanitizing frequency of restrooms and other high contact areas.
    • Ensure each vendor has hand sanitizer or a hand-washing option.
    • Market employees must wear masks and be trained on best hygiene practices including washing their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
    • Separate vendor employees should be accepting payment and handling produce/restock at tables. If this cannot be accomplished, then handwashing or use of a sanitizer should happen between each transaction.
    • Vendors should avoid touching reusable bags belonging to customers
    • Suspend any sampling activities
    • Eliminate non-essential/non-related services, such as bands, crafts, seating/dining areas or other entertainment.
    • Vendors handling cash must wear gloves
    • Vendors are required to wear face coverings and will not be allowed to sell without any face covering.
    • Vendors will refuse service to customers that do not observe the farmers’ market safety guidelines; Customers will be asked to leave the market if met with refusal.

Practicing social distancing requires everyone’s participation to be effective. We ask customers to follow these guidelines when you visit the market:

  • If you are sick, stay home and ask a friend or family member to pick things up for you instead.
    • Maintain 6 feet of space from other shoppers and allow others their space when shopping.
    • Shop quickly to limit crowding.
    • Some items will be pre-bagged. Please buy whenever you can – farmers are preparing them ahead for you.
    • Minimize the size of your group when shopping and keep your group together – this is especially important when shopping with young children.
    • Wait outside the booth until it is free of other shoppers, then take your turn.
    • Don’t spend time socializing or linger at the farmers’ market.
    • Customers may not touch anything for sale before they buy it, the vendor will need to pick out what you want and bag it for you.
    • Bring small bills and pay with exact change or tell your vendor to keep the change to minimize exposure and speed up your transaction.
    • Wear face coverings. You will be refused service if you are not wearing one.
    • Wash all produce thoroughly before using it
    • Wash your reusable produce bags between visits
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