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Escape This Truck :Experience the excitement and challenge of the Escape Room trend sweeping the nation with our brand new mobile version! Every bit as challenging and fun as a fixed location, this Escape Room will often be found between Brisbane and San Carlos, CA onsite at a great park, restaurant, brewery, or event. It’s perfect for dates, corporate or private events, gatherings and Escaper groups competing for the best times. 

With 18 Objectives, 39 Sensors, Hidden Panels, Locks, Safes, video clues, and Lasers, the Room is anything but easy to escape from. But nothing is ridiculously hard either… everything you need to get out is right there. All you need to do is figure it out before the 55 minutes are up!

It took 2 years to build this high and low tech escape room, painstakingly created using never-before-seen puzzles and challenges to provide an immersive environment and a heightened sense of the clock running down. Using pulleys, weights, locks, hidden sensors and doors, lasers and electronics, the game will challenge even Houdinis to make it out on time. 


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